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  • Free Coin Relief Fund Launches for Paycoin Victims

    A free coin giveaway launched yesterday by and for victims of the Paycoin scam. The sloppy Peercoin derivative, Paycoin, or XPY, is emerging as the biggest altcoin scam of 2014-2015. Thousands of speculators and investors lost millions of dollars (and bitcoins) after believing in the alleged lies and deceptions of Paycoin pundit, Josh Garza, the … [Read more…]

  • Chamber of Digital Commerce Sends Bankers to Bitcoin Boot Camp

    The Chamber of Digital Commerce recently announced a grant program for employees of banks and credit unions to attend their Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Boot camp for Digital Currency in New York City, from April 30 to May 2, 2015. The boot camps are a focal point of their initiative to bridge the information gap between ... [Read more...]

  • When Bloggers (Like Me) Fail

    I need to come clean about some of my blogs that featured GAWMiners, HashCoin and PayCoin over the past several months. I rarely write in the first person, but this is about my own participation in this messy situation. I want to set the record straight and make amends to anyone who might have lost ... [Read more...]

  • Artificial Intelligence Gives the Blockchain a Brain

    Today CTO Stephen Reed and CEO Drew Hingorani announced the public unveiling of the A.I. Coin Project, a “smart” new micropayment infrastructure and crypto-currency. Today A.I. Coin, or Artificial Intelligence Coin, also soft-launched its new web site and cyber forum. Their press release was published online. A.I. Coin is a re-engineering of the Bitcoin network … [Read more…]

  • HOPE Gold Coin Brings Charity Back to Crypto-Currency

    This week, an innovative new cryptographic digital coin or crypto-currency, the Hope Gold Coin, was released for sale to the public after a successful pre-sale to investors and donors. Proclaimed as the new gold standard in crypto currencies, the HOPE Gold Coin (HGC) is actually backed by gold, and was created to support diverse humanitarian causes worldwide. HOPE stands … [Read more…]

  • Ziftr Brings Sanity Back to Crypto-Currency

    Ziftr is an Internet commerce and payment system designed to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream by making it highly accessible and easily adoptable for consumers and retailers. Ziftr is currently having a pre-sale of their ZiftrCOIN digital altcoins. Today they reported that more than 3,735,435 ziftrCOINS have already sold, valued at $671,646 USD. CEO Robert Wilkins wants to “on-board” 10 … [Read more…]

  • Coinsetter Innovates Bitcoin Trading Technology

    Bitcoin trailblazer Coinsetter is a New York City-based, Wall Street-built Bitcoin exchange for firms and individuals. In an exclusive interview with Coinsetter Business Developer, Josiah Hernandez, Bit*Jane, Director of the ฿it (©oin) Change Club, learned how Coinsetter stands apart from other exchanges. “Here are some major points of differentiation for us,” Hernandez shared. We have … [Read more…]

  • Zen and the Art of Crypto-Mining


    I look at the Blockchain and see an elegance in design rivaled only in its complexity and purpose, I see nature and its own magnificence reflected back at me.

  • Bitcoin Can Fix Broken US Non-Profits


    At the recent Bitcoin in the Beltway convention, four national stand-outs in the Bitcoin movement formed a panel to discuss how Bitcoin protocol can “mend the broken non-profit sector” in the United States. Jason King of Sean’s Outpost, Davi Barker of Bitcoin Not Bombs, and Andreas Antonopoulos of Blockchain.info were panelists, with M.K. Lords of … [Read more…]

  • Bitcoin Experiment Proves Everyone Can Benefit from BTC


    Bit*Jane is a former Teacher of the Year with a master’s degree and teaching certificates in Art, Early Childhood and Special Education. She plans to return to teaching and still hopes to earn her doctorate.

  • Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?


    At some juncture, every Bitcoin speculator asks, “Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?” Perhaps the question should really be, “Who are Satoshi Nakamoto?” Satoshi Nakamoto is accepted as either the true name or a pseudonym for the anonymous person or people who designed the original Bitcoin protocol in 2008 and launched the network in 2009 with a … [Read more…]

  • What Can You Buy With Dogecoin?


    If you’re wondering what products and services you can buy with Dogecoin, there’s an app for that. There are also merchants, web sites and venues around the world where you can spend the Shiba Inu, or Shiba Dog-inspired crypto-currency. One of the best ways to spend Dogecoin is with an app from SnapCard.  You’ll be able … [Read more…]

  • What is Bitcoin?


      Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant and anonymous payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin is actually two things: it is both an Internet payment system and the name of the currency itself, (abbreviated, BTC). Bitcoin can be used to buy almost anything under the sun. Software-based Bitcoin was developed in … [Read more…]

  • What is Litecoin?


      Litecoin is an Internet-based currency known as a crypto-currency or Alt, because it is an alternative to the original Bitcoin currency. Litecoin, in fact, was once part of the Bitcoin network. It is the most successful and valuable Alt developed since Bitcoin. Litecoin is growing rapidly in popularity and can be used to purchase … [Read more…]

  • Bitcoin in the Beltway: Best Dressed


    The Bitcoin in the Beltway Convention rocked Washington, DC from June 20-22. During a panel discussion, Muslim Agorist Davi Barker noted how iconic the Bitcoin Not Bombs logo has become.  Emphasizing the importance of branding in Bitcoin, he explained how the graphic design is both the message and the name rolled into one. He pointed out … [Read more…]

  • Mining Bitcoin at Home Made Simple


    Have you ever wanted to set up your own mining rig at home? Our Admin, Dr. Paul Coates shares his expertise on mining Bitcoin, Litecoin and other ALTS easily and on a budget. Here’s what you’ll need: Almost any working PC Controller Accessories * USB hubs, as needed. * Video card adaptors and extenders, as … [Read more…]

  • eGifter Champions Bitcoin Pizza Day


    eGifter will be supporting Bitcoin Pizza Day next week by giving an extra point per dollar spent back on all pizza gift card purchases made on May 22 on brands such as Domino’s and Papa John’s Pizza, using Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin, as well as sponsoring a 10,000 point giveaway. Today eGifter representative Andrew Campagnola confirmed … [Read more…]

  • Buy, Sell or Bake a Pizza with Bitcoin


    The first annual Bitcoin Pizza Day is May 22, 2014. May 22 marks four years since the famous 10 K Bitcoin pizza purchase. May 22 also marks approximately 6 months since the last Bitcoin holiday, the wildly successful Bitcoin Black Friday, and it’s been a rough six months since then for the market value of … [Read more…]

  • May 22 is Bitcoin Pizza Day


    May 22 marks the four year anniversary of the historic “10K Bitcoin Pizza” purchase. As documented by posts on Bitcointalk, user Laszlo was the first to sacrifice his Bitcoin wealth for the greater good, and made the world’s first known BTC transaction — for pizza. ฿it (©oin) Change Club is calling on the international Bitcoin … [Read more…]

  • Multi-Pool Innovation in Bitcoin, Crypto Scrypt Mining Released


    The Bitcoin and crypto-currency exchange, CEX.IO has just announced the release of their Multi-Pool Pro trading feature.  ‘Want to mine the most profitable coins?’ That’s what our friends at the CEX exchange just asked us, with this announcement. They invited ฿it (©oin) Change Club members to: “Connect to our Multi-pool Pro, a brand new scrypt mining feature, presented … [Read more…]

  • Get Styled with Bitcoin in Glendale


    Guest Post by Liliana Abramovich First in Glendale, California:  Glamour Hair Studio Accepts Bitcoin I was passing by Broadway Street in Glendale, California when I noticed a “Bitcoin Accepted” sign on the window of a local business. This was the first time I had ever seen a physical business accepting digital currency. It struck my interest, … [Read more…]

  • CEX Bitcoin Exchange Launches New GHs Futures Trading


    The CEX Bitcoin commodities exchange has recently announced a new limited-time feature: trading futures contracts on GHS. ฿it (©oin) Change Club agrees that it’s a great opportunity to purchase mining power at the lowest price, ever. Futures contracts are like a pre-order for mining power (GHS), which can be bought now for the cheapest price, and will start mining right after the shipping date. Traders … [Read more…]

  • Coinbase Phreaked on April Fools Day by CoinbaseHack


      Coinbase customers got their first April Fool’s Day prank today at 4:30 am (EST) via user Coinbasehack, who demanded payment in Bitcoin worth millions of dollars. While commonly referred to as “hackers,” the terms “phreakers” and “script kiddies” better describe nefarious online intruders like Coinbasehack or  [email protected] . Here are 2 emails received by … [Read more…]

  • 10 Simple Ways That Bitcoin Beats Gold

    Bitcoin was deemed the #1 investment last year by Forbes magazine, which named 2013 the Year of Bitcoin, for far outperforming gold. “Year of the Bitcoin“ should be reason enough.  If that’s not, here are ten more easy-to-grasp reasons why Bitcoin is smarter than gold. Let us say you have a gold bar worth $1000. … [Read more…]

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